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Mate Cocido (Teabags)

Mate Cocido (Teabags)

The Mate Cocido (Teabag) Method

Mate Cocido follows the opposite principle of the Traditional Method: instead of using as little water as possible to extract the most nutrients, one uses a lot of water to extract the least amount of nutrients. Mate Cocido is 3 grams of Mate (saquitos) steeped in 8-12 ounces of water. 


  • Easiest preparation
  • Available as little tea bags.
  • Does not require you to develop a relationship with a gourd.
  • Can use juice.
  • Boiling water extracts stimulant


  • Incomparable to the Traditional and Terere Methods in terms of nutrient concentration (compare 50 grams in a gourd to only 3 grams in a teabag)
  • Dilution in water, along with no suction from gourd compression, creates a much less nutrient rich drink than all other methods
  • Boiling water "burns" some nutrients

Simple Explanation

  1. Add 3 grams of yerba mate into mug.
    • One can use a tea bag or tea scoop/ball.
  2. Pour 8-12 ounces of water (hot or cold) or juice onto tea.
    • If using boiling water, steep 2-3 minutes then remove bag.
    • If using juice or cold water, no reason to remove tea bag.

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