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For most, yerba mate tea allows us to get into a deeper sleep because it relaxes the muscles and helps create more profound dreams. For this reason it is very popular with students who need good sleep after long nights of studying. When consumed in the traditional method, yerba mate tea can help bring about a deeper sleep, thus helping one feel rested.

Charles Darwin noted this quality of yerba mate tea even back in 1836.  He writes in "Voyage of the Beagle" that, “We arrived at camp during the night, and after drinking a lot of Yerba Mate, I prepared to go to sleep. I was surprised to discover that my sleep was very deep and refreshing. Although the wind was very strong and the night was chilly, I never slept more comfortable”. Darwin goes on to note that he "had the most profound dreams as a result of drinking the tea."  Charles Darwin's observations continue to be experienced today.  Dr. Tenorio Sanz notes that people report requiring less sleep when using Yerba Mate (“Mineral Elements in Mate Herb", Arch Latinoam Nutr, 1991).  Generally, during sleep the mind is active while the body rests. Yerba Mate appears to be the perfect tool to reach this state, as it relaxes the body while simultaneously awakening the mind.

Still, some find that an active mind keeps them awake, even if the body is relaxed. For this reason, Yerba Mate tea after early evening may not bring this benefit to those whose minds keep them awake at night and prevents them from sleeping.  For those individuals it is best to have yerba mate in the morning.


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