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Traditional Method

Traditional Method

How To Drink Yerba Mate: Mate Cup, Mate Straw, and Hot Water 

This method is the easiest, safest, and best way to get the benefits of yerba mate's abundant nutritional and chemical content. It is also the world's most popular way to drink yerba mate. It is often enjoyed alone or with the addition of breads, sweets, croissants, crackers, etc. It is generally consumed 3-5 times per day in yerba mate drinking cultures. Current research supports drinking yerba mate tea throughout the day using this method.


  • Extracts the most nutrients with the least amount of water, like a tonic.
  • Gourd and bombilla are beautiful, functional pieces of art that become great conversation pieces!
  • Develop a relationship between you and your yerba mate gourd.


  • The second greatest number of steps to master its preparation. The greatest number of steps are with the Terere method.
This video shows how to drink yerba mate with a yerba mate gourd and bombilla, and hot water.

Easiest Explanation of How to Drink Yerba Mate

  1. Pour some yerba mate tea into your mate cup.
  2. Pour warm water onto part of the yerba mate.
  3. Relax for about 30 seconds as the yerba mate awakens.
  4. Put mate straw into the wet yerba mate tea.
  5. Pour in hot water and drink yerba mate.

Detailed Explanation of How to Drink Yerba Mate


1) Fill cured mate cup between a little more than half full to 2/3 full of yerba (and optional smaller dried additives such as herbs or small fruit peels). Tilt gourd until tea is along side of gourd, arriving near the top (shown in green). Explore more about how to cure yerba mate gourd.

2) Optional Step- Cover with hand, turn upside down, and shake vigorously to help prepare the yerba mate. This moves the smaller yerba mate tea leaf particles to the top in order to prevent the mate straw (bombilla) from clogging. Turn it back over carefully on its side. Try to keep the yerba mate inclined along one side during the entire preparation and drinking process.

Below is a comercial by Taragui Yerba Mate that shows someone preparing yerba mate in quick format near the end of the commercial. They prepare the yerba mate with the option step of covering with the hand and turning upside down. The comercial is in spanish, though the general idea needs no translation.  They sing about Taragui being an important part of life, and conclude that fortunately some good things never change.

3) Before the mate straw (bombilla) is put in, pour slightly hot water onto the bottom half of the yerba mate tea. Only a little tepid water (140-158 degrees Fahrenheit or 60-70 degrees Celsius) is added to the bottom half of the yerba mate tea.

4) Wait until the water is absorbed into the yerba mate tea, allowing it to become moist. This helps awaken the yerba mate tea. 

5) Insert filter end of mate straw, also called the mate filter, at an angle into the deepest part of the yerba mate tea as the above image demonstrates. Mate straw may be used to first pack the yerba mate along side of gourd if yerba mate tea has fallen.

6) Pour hot water that is not boiling onto the base of the yerba mate tea, then drink. Try to wet as little of the yerba mate near the top when filling the mate gourd with water. The temperature of the water is a personal choice. Do not use very hot water, as one could burn the throat. This concept applies to all hot liquids: very hot coffee, soup, or tea is dangerous for our throats. Still, unfortunately some people will push the boundaries in an effort to extract even more chemicals and nutrients or for the pleasure they might find in drinking very hot drinks. Don't burn yourself: find a safe level between (160-185 degrees Fahrenheit or 71 - 85 degrees Celsius).

7) Drink Yerba Mate!

Optional: Add larger additives like mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, honey, or lemon juice (to name a few) into the gourd as desired.

Note: Some people love the first sip of the yerba mate because it is the most nutrient rich, while other avoid it due to its strong flavor or cooler temperature. For those that dislike the first sip, they will discard it before swallowing by spitting it out into the sink.

8) Repeat step 7 until you have had enough. When bubbles no longer longer form on top of the water, the the yerba mate tea has run out of many of its nutrients. As you drink it, try to preserve the yerba mate by keeping the top level dry when filling the gourd with water. This also helps to protect the mate straw from getting clogged.

Our Yerba Mate Network offers the largest collection of artisan produced yerba mate gourds & yerba mate bombillas, as well as the largest selection of Yerba Mate tea. Again, welcome to this wonderful plant.


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