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The Traditional Method with a YerbaCup

The worlds easiest to use yerba mate server! With its built in gourd, straw, and water chamber, the popular YerbaCup® maintains the principles of the traditional method while adding quickness, ease and portability. 

This is also called an autocebante.


  • Makes enjoying Yerba Mate easy when commuting to work, sitting in class, or whenever you're in a hurry.


  • Does not reduce as much bitterness as a squash or wood gourd.
  • Does not work as well with leaf-style blends of Yerba Mate.

Simple Explanation

  1. Fill lower basin full with hot or cold water.
  2. Fill upper colored cup with Yerba Mate
  3. It's ready! 

Detailed Explanation

  1. Pour hot water that is not boiling into the base of the Yerba Cup. The temperature of the water is a personal choice. Don't burn your throat: find a safe level between (160-185 degrees Fahrenheit or 71 - 85 degrees Celsius).

  2. Fill upper cup (colored part) almost full of yerba mate and optional additives (e.g., other herbs, fruit peels, squeezed limon, mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, honey, etc). Leave 1/4 inch at the top to be able to put lid back on. Put plastic lid/straw over upper basin. 
  3. Optional Step- Turn upper cup upside down before placing back over the water, and shake vigorously to help prepare the yerba mate. This moves the smaller leaf particles to the top in order to prevent the straw (bombilla) from clogging.
  4. Connect upper cup to lower basin.
  5. Drink and enjoy!
  6. Optional Step - Wait until the first sip of water soaks into the tea. This will allow the Yerba Mate to become moist and helps to create more suction to extract more nutrients.
  7. Note: Some people love the first sip because it is the most nutrient rich, while other avoid it due to its strong flavor or cooler temperature. For those that dislike the first sip, they will discard it before swallowing.

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