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Squash Mate Gourds

Yerba Mate gourds made of a natural squash are a popular gourd choice.

  • Most appreciated mate cup by seasoned yerba mate drinkers
  • Better than any other type of yerba mate gourd at subduing the natural bitterness of yerba mate
  • Forms a "memory" of what the yerba mate drinker has added to the mate cup.  This adds an ever improving unique and pleasant flavor to the yerba mate tea.  For example, if you like to flavor your yerba mate tea with honey, then over time the squash yerba mate gourd will give back a continuously sweeter flavor.
  • Available in large yerba mate gourd sizes, well suited to drink yerba mate Terere style, which uses cold juice or water for a refreshing warm weather yerba mate drink.
  • The larger yerba mate gourds are great for sharing with more people.
  • It is best to cure mate gourds made of natural squash before their first use.  It is not very complicated to cure mate cups.  It only needs to be done once, and it helps you build a relationship with your mate cup.


The mate cup's unique shape compresses the yerba mate tea in order to create suction for nutrient extraction. Using this specially shaped mate gourd is the secret to preserving the high level of nutrients and maximizing the benefits of yerba mate

Artisans create each unique mate cup from a special squash.


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