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The Ritual

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The Ritual

I rise and immediately turn the stove knob to high. The bombilla, gourd and large Stanley thermos have been diligently drying through the night as they always do. My hands seemingly on autopilot, begin to form the wet mate’ into a tight wad. The first round of hot water rolls softly into the opening and steam begins to rise. My eyes follow the vapor upward into the sky where a gentle glow fills my vision.

As I slurp down the first gourd I can feel calmness come across my whole body. The sky is now filled with different shades of colors only seen in these precious moments. It seems like they are locked in forever but I know they will soon be gone. As the warmness continues to fill my eyes and colors of the sky shift and brighten, a smile forms on my face. My eyes hone in into the mountaintops in front of me. A channelized energy rushes over me and locks in. The energy is powerful but composed and continual. I will have it for the remainder of the day. Each pull on the bombilla and each conversation will provide an opportunity to share this energy and share this light.


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Yerba mate prices continuing to go nuclear?

For a couple of years now, struggling families in Argentina have had to endure the painful increase in the cost of basic food staples. The cost of basic staples like eggs, flour, and yerba mate have fallen victim to the hyper-inflation; As high as 25% inflation per year has walloped Latin America’s largest yerba mate producer. Worse, the inability [...]

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Whenever I decide to drink yerba mate, I am always happy I did!

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